Architecture, as we understand it at a5

We percieve good architecture to be an optimal combination of quality, aesthetics and functionality, thus the architecture of a building determines both its visual and its inner qualities.​​ As our clients are aware, this increases its value, both immediately and in the long run.

From the conception to the plan to the foundations

Both the visual appearance and functionality of a building are that determine its quality and although quality is important, it is actually only the result of a process that begins with an initial exchange of ideas with our clients. We then design space and area concepts to develop them further. From these we make plans to give shape to the ideas and suggest the best possible use for building potential. Only when we have achieved this and all are satisfied,  can we implement our ideas and create what you can then later experience as architectural quality.


Each building is unique and calls for specific solutions determined by the client and their particular objectives. Architecture takes account of and responds to such individuality. So now you can at least get an idea of ​​what we think is important and how this is represented in our work. We refer, of course, to Expertise, the reference part of the a5 site.