Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Certified Quality

More than any other factor, building construction is about quality. Real estate value and appreciation is about quality, preferably about certified quality. Certification proves the value of a building in many respects: economically, ecologically, culturally and functionally. For sellers and buyers alike, certification is a trustworthy seal of approval for value stability

In Germany and Europe, certification systems like DGNB, LEED, or BREEAM are well established. These systems are highly diversified approaches to evaluating the qualities of a building, such as its location, its general quality, its functionality, and, of course, the already mentioned economical and ecological criteria. In addition, there is the important aspect of sustainability. Certificates like the above reliably indicate the standards fulfilled by a building after it has been inspected. This is a level of security that goes above and beyond that of uncertified real estate.

Inspecting Your Values

We support you in choosing the appropriate certification system so that your real estate, too, carries the seal of quality—whether you are interested in the classification of existing real estate or targeted planning of new buildings. We also counsel you about the different measures of boosting energy efficiency. Once certified, your building is classified into a market-renowned sustainability category. That’s how certified values guarantee value stability.