Experiencing Space: Interior Design

Architecture is not just about the outside of a building. It is just as much—if not more—about how we perceive the spaces created by a building. That’s why we work very hard to give such spaces meaning—not just any meaning but meaning that is exactly customized to a building’s aesthetic, functional, and formal intentions. Our goal is to create interiors that are conducive to working, collaborating, and living.

Setting examples that others will follow, showing best practices, creating living spaces—interior design demonstrates its highest potential when it succeeds in translating the imagined functions of a space into a gestalt that communicates its character, especially in areas that serve as meeting and socializing spaces—for example in Education, where we developed concepts to turn commercial premises into a day care center, or where we created new classrooms for a school and expanded them for all-day use.

We could list many more examples of how we have developed living spaces in the truest sense. After all, creating such spaces is at the heart of what architects and interior designers do. Still, one project we are particularly proud of, both in terms of its exteriors and interiors, is the new design of the Volkswagen Bank and Audi Bank buildings for which we are producing the design guidelines and constructing current projects.

Discover more examples of how we make work spaces, conference rooms, representative areas, and efficient connections between all of these at our dedicated Expertise pages.