Security is the Foundation: Pollutant Analysis

Whenever building conversion and revitalization is the mission, a5’s work becomes crucially important: The more specific and in-depth the analysis of potential pollutants, the more exactly you can budget for redevelopment—both in terms of cost and in terms of time. Pollutant analysis provides a level of security that, ideally, becomes important even before a building is purchased.

Searching for Weak Spots and Finding Them is Minimizing Risks

When we analyze buildings for pollutants, our search instantly creates value: If we find nothing, sellers, buyers, builders, and investors are on the safe side and, therefore, happy. Should we discover acutely or potentially dangerous construction materials, we can develop reconstruction strategies, based on samples and chemical analyses, and calculate cost and time very specifically, even before the construction phase. It’s a definite benefit that prevents bad surprises in financing and scheduling.

Security – In Writing

We document everything for our clients: All analyses, findings, and redevelopment proposals are evaluated and finalized in writing. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, the results of our pollutant analyses are valuable for everyone.